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Welcome to Jump PT!

Jump PT brings you outdoor personal training throughout Sydney's beautiful eastern suburbs.

At Jump PT we know how amazing it feels to be fit, strong & healthy from the inside out. We want to share our knowledge so that our clients feel the same. Whether it's 1on1 training or small group sessions our clients are guaranteed to get workouts that are fun, challenging & varied - no two sessions will ever be the same. This is complemented with nutritional advice & all the support our clients need to reach their health & fitness goals.

If feeling fit, strong & healthy is what you are after, apply now for a consultation & you will be on your way to reaching your health & fitness goals in no time.

What Our Clients Say

I have been training with Sarah for 3 months & feel great! I started out not having done much exercise in years, to very quickly building up fitness & strength, was really surprised how fast this happened! My goals were to improve on my fitness & to lose some unwanted kilos that became harder to shift now I’m in my thirties! Have achieved both!! I had only planned on doing this program for a couple of months but have found Sarah so great & motivating that I actually look forward to our sessions every week & don’t want to stop! Such a lovely person, easy to get along with & always keeps the sessions interesting and fun!

Belinda, Randwick

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